About Us

We believe every company should stand for more than just its product. Here's what makes us Parq.


Team Philosophy

While we are strong individually, we are stronger as a team. Accountability, professionalism, and innovation are at the core of everything we do.


Team Mission & Vision

We wanted to revolutionize the parking game -- to create an app that's user-friendly, with an up-scale feel, that facilitates user's lives. So we did.


Team Value & Rules

To create the best app, we have to be the best team. We're constantly pushing not only ourselves, but the boundaries of what this app could be. Always think bigger and better.

Research Overview

We've come with up with some great ideas. Here's the research + application ideas to back it up.


Money Savvy

Our target has discretionary funds available but also like to get good deals, so they are going to be drawn to the offerings available through the sharing economy. Parq is designed to utilize this sharing economy.

Conscientious Consumers

Our target consumers are affiliating themselves with companies that share their values. The official parq website has a segment that displays the company’s values

Simple and Efficient

This consumer chooses emerging brands/products or owning products that function in a simpler, more efficient fashion. This app design emphasizes simplicity and efficiency


Affluent consumers are more likely to consult different types of internet resources when researching. The official parq app will have user reviews and a community verification system.


Highlighting security measures could instil trust more than making a brand more stylish or adding new features. The official parq website will include a segment with security and safety information

Trasnsparent and Accountable

Consumers want transparency, and are skeptical with companies that use or sell their personal data. The official parq website will include a segment highlighting how the company will treat and utilize customer data.

User Stories

While a large audience can ultimately benefit from the Parq experience, these users make up our target audience.

Millenial Tech Guru


Jennifer works for a tech company in the city and is doing very well in her career. She lives in a luxury one-bedroom apartment and loves to have herTech girlfriends over for wine and episodes of the bachelor. She’s having an event this Friday night, but first, she needs to rent out some parking for them. She heard of a new app called parq that her neighbors are using and has decided to try it out.

Upscale Renovating Homeowner


Meet Freddy. He works as a middle manager at a large corporate headquarters and just recently moved into a gated community with his partner, George. They are very active and bike to work, so they share a single car. George and Freddy don’t entertain often, but are getting some work done in their condo and need to borrow some of their neighbor’s parking spaces for the 2 worker trucks to park in for the next few weeks while the job is being completed.

Privacy-Focused Social Butterfly


A musician who loves the privacy of an upscale community, but entertains his band mates and a lot of people from the industry quite frequently. He used to encourage his visitors to uber for visitation due to the hassle of obtaining parking, but now he has decided to try out parq so that people can take their own cars when they visit him.

Private travelling day trader


Neil is a day trader who loves the security and quiet of his living community. He is home most of the day, but leaving to go to an all-day traders meetup in a few weeks. As fiscally responsible as ever, Neil wants to list his available space while he’s away.

Savvy Management Consultant


Patricia, a management consultant working at one of The Big Four. She loves her upscale home, but primarily only uses it over the weekends, as her position is 95% travel on client sites. She has just heard about Parq and loves the idea of being able to make money on her parking spot during the extended periods of time that she’s away.

Our Look

Parq is designed to be the best and look the best. Here's how we did it.



Each color, element and font of the app is purposeful.


Why This Style

Let's deep dive into our styleguide. No font was left unturned.

The Wireframe


At Parq, we've found that planning ahead of time takes you places, and recognizing your roots takes you further. Here's the roots of our app.

Final Deliverables

So we have this great app. How are we going to advertise it? We're going to use these tools to take a first look at Parq.





Our Team

The minds behind PARQ.

Greg Teel

Project Manager

Julianne Plummer

Marketing Guru

Seth Kirksey

Lead Developer

Neil Peterson

Creative Director

Patty Irizarry

Copywriter & Branding Strategist


We didn't do it first, but we are doing it best. Here are some of Parq's potential competitors.